Canadian Mastiff Club

Code of Ethics

Below are our current Code of Ethics - if you prefer a downloadable version, please click the link below.
Canadian Mastiff Club Code of Ethics

Canadian Mastiff Club Code of Ethics

Effective January 1, 2009

The following Code of Ethics applies to all Canadian Mastiff Club (CMC) members and mastiffs owned or co-owned by them.
Please note a litter consists of two or more live puppies at birth.

1. The betterment and protection of the Breed shall be uppermost in the minds of all members.

2. The following criteria must be met before any member contemplates breeding a litter:

a) The breeder must be prepared to keep and maintain every puppy in a proper environment and provide for all its needs until properly placed.

b) The breeder is sure any Mastiff used for breeding is physically sound, is of sound temperament and adheres to the breed standard.

c) The breeder will submit the required test results of both the sire and dam listed below to the CMC executive before a breeding has taken place. The results will be posted on the CMC website with the breeder's contact information. Individual members can then make the decision as to whether their own breedings take place, and puppy buyers have easy access to the testing results. Members are encouraged to complete the recommended tests, as well. Bitches born before January 01, 2007 and stud dogs born before June 01, 2007 are grandfathered in; requiring only testing for hips and elbows by a recognized orthopedic registry, but any other results are welcome and will also be posted on the website.


i) Hips & Elbows - OVC, OFA and/or PennHip at 18 months or later; however the CMC strongly encourages its members to complete testing after 24 months of age. The CMC also encourages all breeders and puppy buyers to thoroughly research the criteria each of the registries uses (please visit our Links page on our website for links to each registry). If a dog/bitch resides outside of the US/Canada the registry in the country of residence will be accepted.

ii) Cardiac - OFA certification or a cardiologist's report. Cardiac testing must be done after 12 months of age.

iii) CERF- board approval required for members unable to access a CERF approved vet to use an ophthalmologist exam. CERF exams need only be done once if done after 24 months of age.

iv) PRA DNA - The CMC recommends that testing for PRA DNA be repeated every 3 - 4 generations.

v) Cystinuria


i) Von Willebrand's

ii) Thyroid

iii) Patellas

d) A breeder may not produce more than eight (8) litters (owned, co-owned or leased) in a twenty-four (24) month calendar year. This includes litters produced from bitches, stud dogs and frozen semen. A litter consists of two or more live puppies at birth. Where a breeder owns, co-owns or leases both the dam and the stud dog (or semen), the resulting breeding will only count as one (1). If a member sells frozen semen for future use, it will count as a breeding at the time of sale.

e) A Mastiff bitch will not be bred before twenty-four (24) months, nor will she be bred after the age of 7 years. She will not be bred to any stud dog that has not met the requirements set out in this Code of Ethics. A bitch may not be bred if she has produced a litter in the previous twelve (12) months, unless recommended in the treatment of pyometria by a veterinarian; in such cases a letter from the veterinarian must be provided to the CMC Executive. A bitch may not have more than three (3) litters in her lifetime. Executive approval would be required for special circumstances.

f) A stud dog shall not be bred before the age of eighteen (18) months, nor shall he be bred to any bitch that does not meet any of the requirements outlined in this Code of Ethics. Executive approval would be required for special circumstances.

g) Breeders are encouraged to make use of the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) Non-Breeding Contract (or similar arrangements outside of Canada), when registering their puppies with the buyer. In the event of discovery of any serious defect, the CKC Non-Breeding Contract will ensure that any progeny will be ineligible for registration should a breeding take place. Mastiffs sold under these contracts can be subject to re-evaluation at a mutually agreed upon age.

3. Anyone selling a Mastiff shall:

a) Screen puppy buyers very carefully. Proper socialization and humane treatment should be of paramount importance. A puppy should only be sold to a buyer who is interested in the betterment of the breed and whose interests would not be inconsistent therewith.

b) Provide the buyer with the name and address of the stud dog owner, and provide the stud dog owner with the names and addresses of all puppy buyers, including future updated address information

c) Not sell a mastiff to a pet shop or for resale.

d) Provide a five generation pedigree with each mastiff sold.

e) Furnish a signed registration or transfer with each Mastiff sold unless a written agreement is made with the buyer that such papers will be forwarded.

f) Furnish the buyer with a record of inoculations, worm check and complete care instructions.

g) Advise the buyer to have a veterinarian's check within five (5) working days of the sale. If the puppy is found to be unfit because of breeding or early kennel care, the purchase price shall be refunded or the puppy replaced, once the puppy is returned.

h) Not sell a puppy/adult that is sick, or has any serious health disorders without special instructions and a veterinarian's report stating the disorder. The breeder shall release all testing information to all puppy buyers as well as direct them to the CMC web site for health and testing information.

i) Not sell a Mastiff for the purpose of attack training, fighting or for anything else that would be detrimental for the dog or the Breed.

j) Not sell a puppy before the age of eight (8) weeks.

k) Take back any Mastiff they have sold or bred. Stud dog owners have as much responsibility as the bitch owner in this area. If unable to do so, they will assist a recognized Mastiff Rescue group in the placement of said Mastiff.

4. All members of the CMC shall endeavor to prevent the abuse of any Mastiff and shall report any situation that is deemed harmful or abusive to CMC Rescue or a Humane Society. Any CMC member having knowledge of a mastiff in rescue shall report the situation to CMC Rescue and if possible, inform the holder of the animal of the existence of CMC Rescue.

5. CMC Members will show good sportsmanship at all times, and in all matters relating to Mastiffs. CMC members will maintain the highest degree of honesty and integrity, and will not knowingly make a misstatement of fact in any serious discussion of their Mastiffs or the Mastiffs of any Canadian Mastiff Club member, that they may have with person not qualified to judge the facts for themselves.

6. No member shall derive their sole or primary income from the sale and/or breeding of Mastiffs.

7. Anyone wishing to make a complaint against any member of the CMC will do so in accordance with our By-Laws:

a) Any person may lay a complaint against a member for alleged misconduct prejudicial to the best interests of the Canadian Mastiff Club or the breed. Written complaints containing details of the alleged misconduct must be filed in duplicate with the Secretary together with a fee set by the Board, from time to time, which shall be forfeited if the complaint is not justified by a hearing of the Board or of a committee duly appointed for this purpose.

b) The Secretary upon receiving such a complaint, within 30 days shall forward a copy of the complaint, along with a notice of hearing to the defendant, the complainant and each member of the Board or appointed committee.

c) The hearing date shall be set no later than 90 days from the date of receipt of the complaint. If the Board holds the hearing, a minimum of four (4) members of the Board must be present either electronically or by phone conference call or in person. In the event that a committee holds the hearing, at least a majority of the appointed committee shall be present. Should a complaint be laid against the Secretary, then the President shall act in accordance with these by-laws.