Canadian Mastiff Club

Rescue Round-up

Happy Tails

Please enjoy the updates & Happy Tails that we have received from past adopters & their Mastiffs.

Meet Sage

We received a call from Sage's owners at the time that they could no longer afford the care for her and wished to re-home her. After going to meet Sage, we soon found out that she had been through 3 homes in 5 yrs, previously abused, had 3 litters, very under weight and did not receive the proper vet care she desperately needed. After her first vet visit, we soon discovered that Sage had a flea infestation, skin infection, ear infections, worms and would need to be spayed. After all the care she received, good food and love, Sage was a foster failure; this girl had wormed her way into the hearts & lives of Lerene, Dan, Benson & Ernie.

Meet Tyson

This boy ended up in a shelter through no fault of his own. His original owner was overwhelmed with being a single mom with 3 kids and no time for Tyson. The shelter reached out to CMC Rescue and thankfully we had someone who was interested in meeting this cutie. The visit went well and Tyson was on his way to his new home and new lease on life. Tyson is certainly living the life of Riley at his domain. This boy may be a little on the small side for a Mastiff, but he's big on love for his owners Lesley & Earl.