Canadian Mastiff Club

Guide to Canadian Dog Shows

In order to obtain a CKC Championship, your dog must earn 10 championship points, including one 2 point win, under a minimum of 3 different judges. The points schedule (below) is the same for each breed, and each sex, regardless of show location. Entrants must first be registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, or ERN, or be subject to listing fees at the time of entry. The maximum number of Championship points obtainable at one show is 5.

Champions and Championship Points:

SECTION #1. A dog awarded WINNERS at a Championship show held under these Dog Show Rules shall be credited with a number of championship points (ranging from 0 to 5), and the determination of the number of championship points to be credited to a dog awarded WINNERS shall be as provided hereunder.

SECTION #2. The schedule to be employed in the determination of the number of points to be allocated a dog awarded WINNERS shall be as follows:




 3 to 5 

 6 to 9 

 10 to 12 

 13 or more 








To determine the number of points earned by a dog awarded Winners, total all dogs in competition which were defeated, directly or indirectly, for the highest of the following official breed awards: Winners, Best of Winners, Best of Breed or Best Opposite Sex and then consult the schedule set forth above. The point system provides for additional points if a class dog awarded Best of Breed also places in the group as listed below:

Breeds Competing Group First Group Second Group Third Group Fourth
13 or more 5 4 3 2
10 to 12 4 3 2 1
6 to 9 3 2 1 1
5 2 1 1 1
4 2 1 1 0
3 2 1 0 0
2 1 0 0 0
1 0 0 0 0

A class dog awarded Best in Show at an all-breed Championship show will be credited with 5 points inclusive of any points earned at the breed or group level. In counting the number of eligible dogs in competition, a dog that is disqualified or that is dismissed, excused or ordered from the ring by the judge, shall be included in the calculation for championship points (Absentees are not to be included). In order for a dog to be recognized as a Canadian Champion it must: (1) earn at least ten championship points under at least three different judges; and (2) be individually registered in the records of the CKC or have a CKC Event Registration Number (ERN).

Dog Show Checklist

If this is your first time at a dog show, here are some items you may wish to have with you:

  • Water bowl - there will be a water supply, but it is always a good idea to carry at least 1-2 gallons; ice cream pails are great for this 
  • X-pen or crate - a secure place to put your dog so you can enjoy the show and visit
  • Shade tent or giant umbrella - at outdoor shows, often a cool place to rest your Mastiff is the most important thing
  • Leash and collar (not a loose-fitting buckle collar) - all dogs must be leashed on the grounds and remember to always ask first before allowing your dog to sniff another dog. 
  • Slobber rags - if it is likely to rain, some dry towels as well
  • Poop n' scoop bags - you should always have some in your pocket

Information for American Exhibitors

Passports to cross the Canada /USA border are not required by US citizens until June of 2009. A dog that is not registered with the Canadian Kennel Club may still be entered in a championship show by paying listing fees. The dog will have to be registered in one of the following manners in order to be credited with a title. Listing fees have recently gotten very expensive so it is strongly advised that you register your dog before entering. Full CKC Registration is your best option if you would like to use your dogs for breeding to Canadian dogs, and does not cost much more than the ERN number. Application for Registration of AKC Registered Dog Owned by a Resident of the Unites States ERN numbers are a quick and simple way to Register your AKC dog with the CKC for participation in CKC events. Dogs used for breeding with ERN numbers do NOT have their titles recorded on the CKC papers of any offspring. Contact the CKC directly to obtain ERN.

Travel Between Canada and the United States

When you travel to Canada with your dog, be aware that while you are likely to encounter no problems bringing dog food with you, you will most likely be asked to leave your dog food behind when returning to the United States. Plan to bring only the amount of food you think you will need for your stay. For extended stays, know that almost every brand of food you find in the USA is also available in Canada. Generally all you need is a current Rabies Certificate for your pet for entrance into both Canada and the United States. For yourself you will need a Birth Certificate and a Driver's License, but a Passport is even better. If you are bringing your children with you, you will need a Birth Certificate for each child. If only one parent is traveling, you will need a letter of consent from the other parent for the children that are traveling. Please read the information in the link below to ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit to Canada.

Border Crossing Information