Border Crossing Information

Travel into Canada is generally a simple and easy process. But, there are a few things you need to be aware of.

  • PASSPORT! (Or Enhanced Driver’s License if your state issues them.) For travel into Canada or the United States you MUST have a Passport. This does take time to obtain, so be sure to start the process right away to make sure you have yours in time. (The Enhanced Driver’s License does not work for Air Travel into Canada, only travel by car.)
  • Dogs over 3 months of age must have a valid Rabies Certificate.
  • When entering Canada with Dog Food it is best to make sure that you bring unopened bags (original packing). You will want to estimate your dog food requirements fairly accurately as you will NOT be allowed to bring the food back into the United States.
  • If you are bringing your children with you, it is recommended to have a Passport for each child. They MAY be allowed to cross with a Original, Copy or Certified Copy of their Birth Certificate if they are under 16 years of age. If only one parent is traveling, you will also need a letter of consent from the other parent for the children that are traveling.
  • Some rules apply regarding certain items you may be travelling with so: Please read the information in the links below to ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit to Canada. 


For the sole purpose of entering CKC events to acquire CKC degrees and titles, foreign born, foreign owned dogs may apply for an EVENT REGISTRATION NUMBER. This number must be obtained within 30 days after receiving points to avoid cancellation of wins, and can be obtained by submitting a copy of your foreign Certificate of Registration and a appropriate fee and a letter of request to the CKC. (This ERN replaces a CKC Individual Registration Number for entering events only.) The Individual Registration must still be obtained for breeding purposes.

ERN Form: